About Us

CPA Crossings, LLC, aka CPAx, was established in 2001 by John Higgins and Bryan Smith. Our primary focus is to help business professionals learn how to leverage emerging technologies. Over the years we have helped individuals and business organizations establish paperless workflows, leverage the cloud computing model and protect against cyber threats.

In 2017, we established our Office 365 Learning Center, which offers over 50 courses on all aspects of the Office 365 ecosystem, ranging from Teams to Power BI. In 2019, we launched cpax365.com to transform our entire library of Office 365 courses to an on-demand format. This model allows the flexibility to take a course at any time and start and stop at your own pace for maximum convenience. We also offer continuing education credits for those who require it. Learn more about our Office 365 and Power BI training.

In addition to our training courses, we offer coaching services to help you maximize your investment in Office 365 and the Power BI tools. Learn more about our services.

Meet Our Team

John Higgins
Strategic Technology Advisor

Bryan Smith
Data Analytics and Dashboards Guru

Anne Bucci
Director of Educational Services

Rachel Bytnar
Accounting & Marketing Manager

Janet Colligan
Customer Success Manager

Sydney Pielak
Instructional Designer

Shelly Padgett
Production Associate

Elise Cretcher
Production Associate

Office 365 Strategic Deployment Guide